Application Engineering

As an easily accessible repository of product knowledge, operating experience, and electrical engineering capability that can help ensure our products meet your needs, the applications engineering team's role is to fully understand current-product applications, manage and provide product performance data through a number of delivery streams, and interact with the global customer base in order to ensure that STAMFORD® and AvK® products meet the performance criteria and specifications demanded by you.

Applications teams are based in the US, Europe, India, and China, sharing a common email enquiry database. As such, there are always application engineers available to support your requirements and deliver the best technical product selection that STAMFORD® and AvK® branded products can offer.

Key deliverables of the team include:

  • Providing technical data and support for STAMFORD® and AvK® products - technical data, drawings, application guidance notes
  • Size alternators for different load applications - motors, lighting, non-linear loads (UPS, VSD, SCR)
  • Advising and discussing all aspects of alternator application, control, and installation
  • Discussing needs, resolving issues, and reviewing specifications
  • Provide qualified technical recommendations to ensure fit for purpose products
  • Assist with design and development of complete generating set systems
  • Providing bespoke application engineering training to suit customer requirements - application sizing generator selection considerations
  • Changing market requirements such as grid codes for Marine standards - collaborating with customers in customer focused 6 sigma projects
  • Providing voice of customer and application field knowledge into new product introduction or product improvement programs

Application engineering can support you as you venture into new market segments and integrate product designs to ensure superior fit to market. The team works closely with the application validation team to validate and fully understand the operating boundaries of our products to ensure the right machines meet the harsh, increasingly challenging environments in which our customers operate in.