Rectifier Service Kits

With a primary function of delivering DC current into the main field winding, the rectifier assembly is one of the most critical parts of an alternator. Damage to one of the parts inside the rectifier assembly can lead to more damage to further parts inside the same assembly and/or catastrophic failure to other major components of the alternator.

Commonly referred to as a Rectifier Service Kit (RSK), this serviceable kit contains a combination of forward and reverse diodes along with a transient voltage suppressor (commonly referred to as a varistor).

It is important that this complete kit is replaced, either as part of the planned maintenance schedule or, at any time if damage is evident/suspected on any single component inside the existing rectifier assembly.


RSK kits are available for all of the STAMFORD® alternator product range.

To find out which RSK you require, either refer to the STAMFORD® parts catalogue or contact your local authorised parts dealer.

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Rectifier and Diode assembly kits available for all of the AvK® alternator product range.

Your local authorised parts dealer can help with all of your AvK® alternator rectifier parts assembly requirements.

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