STAMFORD® Verification - Buy Genuine

STAMFORD's Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

At STAMFORD | AvK, we have been running an anti-counterfeit campaign since 2011 in order to protect our customers from the possibility of financial loss, safety and quality issues which are caused by counterfeit machines and parts.

According to the World Trade Organization, the illegal counterfeit generator trade is worth approximately $150 million dollars and are invariably manufactured at inferior quality to the original brand and sold under the same (or a very similar) brand name without the owner’s authorisation.

We invest significant amounts of time, money and effort developing our alternators to ensure they perform well, meet strict safety regulations & are made of quality materials. This is all absent in counterfeit products.

Verifying your STAMFORD® Alternator

To ensure your machine is a Genuine STAMFORD®, please visit our verification page.

The hard-won reputation of the STAMFORD® alternator brand for built-in quality, reliability and innovation has attracted counterfeiters who illegally label their product STAMFORD®, yet fail to deliver on quality, efficiency, safety and machine life.

To protect our customers from what has become a global threat, we have adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ strategy to fight the counterfeiters.

Some counterfeit alternators displaying the STAMFORD® brand may inevitably get to market, so to enable authenticity, we affix all new STAMFORD® alternators will a high security 3D hologram. To authenticate your STAMFORD® alternator, key in your 7-digit hologram number on our verification page.

The Dangers of Counterfeit Alternators

  • Budget manufacturing results in products built to lower standards
  • Not guaranteed to meet safety regulations
  • Cracks in fan casting
  • Cost cutting on hardware
  • Insufficient stator impregnation
  • Dangerous foot arrangement
  • Mechanical failures can lead to generator breakdown
  • No support, maintenance or guarantees offered in case of fault

The Benefits of Buying Genuine STAMFORD®

  • All our machines and parts are built for performance, durability, efficiency and reliability with quality built into every step of the STAMFORD® manufacturing process, from when the parts come into our plant to when the finished product leaves the shop
  • We work to one global standard, so each of our manufacturing plants build STAMFORD® alternators to the same industry leading quality that has distinguished our brand for over a century
  • Our customer engineering services provide market leading expertise and technical support to our customers at every stage.
  • We offer a three-year warranty as standard for all alternators in our new STAMFORD® S-Range and a two-year warranty as standard for all other machines
  • All our products are manufactured to comply with design standards for rotating electrical machines, and meet the classification requirements for all major marine classification societies.

How STAMFORD | AvK is Fighting the Counterfeit Market

Counterfeiting poses serious risks to your business and staff therefore we are actively fighting against it. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Shutting down counterfeiters stands at trade shows
  • Working with port authorities to seize counterfeit alternator shipments and destroy them
  • Working with IP lawyers to investigate and prosecute counterfeiters