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The Markon Engineering company started in the village of Market Overton in1959 by Messrs Fawkes and Knight before moving to nearby Oakham in 1960.

Markon manufactured a range of products from small 2-pole units rated from 2kVA-10kVA and larger 4-pole units up to 1875kVA. Although 6 pole units were also manufactured, they were most known for their 2-pole alternators and had a strong brand reputation as a result.

Markon Alternators

  • 2-pole SC21 (AVR controlled in an aluminium frame)
  • 2-pole B21 (Capacitor controlled in an aluminium frame)
  • 2-pole B112 (Capacitor controlled in a plastic frame)
  • BL105
  • SL105
  • 4-pole B Range (B164, B184, B254, B314, B364, B404, B504, B604, B704, B904)
  • Markon alternators are not manufactured by Cummins Generator Technologies anymore - they have been superceded by STAMFORD® range.
  • If you are looking for Markon parts or servicing, you will need to talk to your local dealer


1959 - Markon founded by Messrs Fawkes and Knight in Market Overton
1960 - Company moved to nearby Oakham
1969 - Company moved to Dalcross (near Inverness)
1987 - NEWAGE acquires Markon Engineering, Oakham, UK manufacturer of 2 & 4 pole 2 kVA - 1875 kVA alternators.
1988 - NEWAGE name changed to NEWAGE International Ltd.