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Celebrating over 100 years of AvK®

In 2019 we celebrated 100 years of AvK®, which has seen the brand expand from small operations in Frankfurt and Ingolstadt to a global delivery process with businesses around the world.

Join us in our celebrations on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. #AvK100 

AvK® History

AvK® was founded in Frankfurt/Main, Germany by Mr. Arthur van Kaick to manufacture electrical machines. AvK® grew quickly during the 1920s and 1930s through the application of innovative solutions to power generation problems of the time.

With the development of special electrical windings AvK® were the first company to solve the problem of power generation and transmission across the regions of Germany using different mains voltages. In 1938, AvK® developed and launched the world`s first self regulating alternator.


1919 - Foundation of A. van Kaick as a trading enterprise for electrical machines in Frankfurt.
1923 - Start of production of special motors for lifts and mobile plants.
1938 - Arthur van Kaick develops the world's first self-regulating alternator; start of series production.
1953 - Take-over of the motor-construction enterprises Ziegler-Ettlingen and Rona-Ingolstadt.
1960s - Expansion of the AvK® alternator range into brushless, self-regulating alternators, up to 30 MVA, 15 kV and 18-pole designs.
1969 - Foundation of SEG Kempen: control systems, control units, protective and functional devices.
1970-1977 - Development of SEG worldwide distribution network.
1974 - New plant opened in Kempen, Germany.
1979 - Sari-SEG joint venture established in Indonesia for the manufacture of electronic devices and transformers.
1985 - SEG acquires AvK® and consolidates into AvK SEG Holding GmbH & Co. KG.
1985-1990 - Acquisition and development of Coil Systems GmbH Elektrowicklungen in Karlshuld, Germany.
1990 - Development of DIG range of AvK® alternators.
1990 - Expansion of SEG R&D in Electronics and Information Technology.
1990 | 1996 | 2001 - Major capacity expansion at SEG, Kempen.
1995 - Establishment of AvK SEG Controls Ltd. Joint venture in Noida, India for the production of alternators and electronic devices.
1996 - Development of the variable-speed CONCYCLE® alternators for marine, UPS and wind applications.
1997 - Market launch of the "CONCYCLE® Wind" systems.
1999 - New AvK® factory opened in Ingolstadt. Production area of 10,000 m2.
1999 - Establishment of AvK/Elektroputere S.A., Craiova, Romania. Joint venture for production of LV alternators.
2001 - Sales and customer benefit-oriented restructuring of the business lines.
2001 - Consolidation of AvK SEG and NEWAGE.
2001 - NEWAGE and AvK SEG complete the business combination. The announcement was made jointly by NEWAGE Managing Director Steven Zeller and AvK SEG Chairman Werner Schmitz at the PowGen Europe Exhibition in Brussels on May 30th. Final approval was issued by the German Cartel office on October 11th.
2006 - NEWAGE AvK SEG changes its name to Cummins Generator Technologies, in line with the Cummins branding strategy in May.