Product Registration

Verifying your STAMFORD® Alternator

The hard-won reputation of the STAMFORD® alternator brand for built-in quality, reliability and innovation has attracted counterfeiters who illegally label their product STAMFORD®, yet fail to deliver on quality, efficiency, safety and machine life.

To protect our customers from what has become a global threat, we have adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ strategy to fight counterfeiters.

Some counterfeit alternators displaying the STAMFORD® brand may inevitably get to market, so to enable authenticity, we affix all new STAMFORD® alternators with a high-security 3D hologram. To authenticate your STAMFORD® alternator, key in your 7-digit hologram number on our verification page.

Registering for Alternator Maintenance Reminders

A simple-to-use maintenance reminder service to support you in achieving maximum uptime of your STAMFORD® or AvK® alternator, by increasing the lifetime, preventing downtime and increasing uptime. This will ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

How does it work?

  • Register your STAMFORD® or AvK® alternator by Registering for alternator reminders.
  • You will then be prompted to enter the Serial Number and Purchase Date of your alternator(s).
  • You can register multiple alternators at one time.
  • You will then receive automated reminders throughout the alternator's life cycle to book your alternator service and information.