The STAMFORD | AvK plant in Romania was founded in 1999 in the chief commercial city west of Bucharest, Craiova. Located centrally in Europe with good transport network links the Craiova plant helps STAMFORD® and AvK® products reach customers quickly and efficiently.

The factory has full in-house design and engineering capabilities and supports the company ideology of high investment in people skills.

All products are manufactured to the high global standard through sophisticated manufacturing technologies and state-of-the-art test facilities with enhancements in vacuum pressure impregnation, robots for welding and taping and automation to increase throughput.

Location of factory:

Bulevardul Decebal 116A, Craiova 200746, Romania

Size (square metres):

15,000 Sqm

How long the site has been in production:

Since 1999

Site compliances:

ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2009, ISO18001:2014, OHSAS 18001, UL 1004

Service & Parts:

Locate authorised STAMFORD | AvK service and parts dealers within the EMEA region.