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Analog voltage regulator
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The MX342™ brand is an analogue, 2-phase sensing, permanent magnet generator (PMG) powered automatic voltage regulator (AVR) providing isolation from the effects of non-linear loads. It has improvised motor starting performance, sustained short circuit current and linear volts/Hz characteristic for variable speed applications.

The MX342™ brand is an optional AVR across the STAMFORD® range of alternators including the new S-Range.

Ensure your MX342™ brand is genuine by buying it from an authorised STAMFORD | AvK dealer.                                   

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Why buy genuine?

Genuine AVRs

  • Minimise risk of play and equipment failure
  • Maximise power supply security
  • Matched performance capability to ensure alternator stability
  • Tested to react in emergencies, triggering support protection systems
  • Peace of mind

     Download the STAMFORD | AvK AVR Information