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Global Contacts

Global Contacts

STAMFORD® | AvK® Sales Office - Contact our regional sales office for quotations, enquiries  and pre-sales technical support.

STAMFORD® | AvK® Customer Support - Contact our support team, on hand worldwide to service, maintain, inspect and repair STAMFORD® | AvK® alternators.

STAMFORD® | AvK® Authorised Whole Goods Distributor - STAMFORD® | AvK® distributors are our partners in the market helping to support localised regions, with upfit capability enabling a range of stock that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

STAMFORD® | AvK® Authorised Parts and Service Dealers - Our authorised partners to support localised regions, supplying Genuine parts and providing inspection, service, maintenance and repairs to all STAMFORD® | AvK® alternators.

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