Register for alternator maintenance reminders

Register For Alternator Maintenance Reminders
Please input all alternator serial numbers that were purchased on the date above. If you purchased alternators on different dates, you will need to submit the form once per purchase date in order to receive service reminders on actual dates.
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I acknowledge that this a reminder guidance only and I am responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted for this form. I will consult the operator's manual and Authorised Parts and Service dealers for service schedules.
I would like to receive STAMFORD | AvK exclusive offers, updates and promotions regarding STAMFORD | AvK products and services. You can withdraw your consent at any time. For more details see our privacy policy or contact us.

Receive email notifications on planned maintenance service intervals and kits. This service is a reminder guideline only.
Always be sure to consult your operator's manual or Authorised Parts and Service Dealer for the particular service and intervals required.