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STAMFORD specified for high speed broadband project in Saudi Arabia

Where: Saudi Arabia Specified:170 STAMFORD P1 alternators

Purpose:Shanghai Cooltech Power Co. Ltd., a leading global provider of intelligent environmental generating sets, signed an agreement to power a new telecoms network in Saudi Arabia.

Having won an order to provide power to 300 base stations across Saudi Arabia for one of the regions largest new telecoms projects, Shanghai Cooltech Power turned to Cummins Generator Technologies and specified 170 STAMFORD P1 alternators, capable of performing in the harsh environmental conditions.

One of the world's leading and fastest growing†integrated telecoms providers, ZTE was awarded†the contract to deliver a new telecommunications broadband project in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia's largest Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access†(WiMAX) operator, Atheeb Telecom, approached ZTE to build the country's first WiMAX network, deploying 300 base stations in the process. The WiMAX network will help meet the growing demands of the rapidly developing region by providing high-speed†broadband services.

Shanghai Cooltech Power Co. Ltd. was tasked with powering the base stations and specified STAMFORD alternators for the project in the knowledge that Cummins Generator Technologies would bring local telecoms market expertise and would tailor solutions to excel in the challenging environmental conditions of Saudi Arabia.

Given the extreme temperatures, Shanghai Cooltech Power knew they needed to partner with†Cummins Generator Technologies for the assurance†of experienced Application Engineers to specify the right alternators for this application.

Furthermore, they were already aware of the premium†quality of the STAMFORD brand as a reliable†generator due to the strong relationship they have with Cummins Generator Technologies. That relationship has been ongoing for over ten years and Shanghai Cooltech Power knew that STAMFORD alternators provide the high quality they needed.

Shanghai Cooltech Power's generating sets with STAMFORD P1 generators

170 STAMFORD P1 alternators were ordered to fulfil the†project's prime power requirements. The challenge was†to have all generators delivered within a 15 day period, so the commercial, planning and operations teams created a plan immediately.

Working together with the customer to understand the†application requirements, Cummins Generator Technologies†enabled Shanghai Cooltech Power's delivery of the project†and was able to assist ZTE's rapid growth rapid growth in the region.

Following completion of the project, Shanghai Cooltech†Power specified a further 217 STAMFORD P1 alternators†to fulfill their next telecoms power contract in Zambia.

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