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STAMFORD AvK Aftermarket wound components

At Cummins Generator Technologies, we are committed to supporting our STAMFORD and AvK products throughout their whole product lifecycle from design, installation and commissioning, service and maintenance right through to refurbishment and repowering.

In order to offer a world class support network for our STAMFORD and AvK products during the post commissioning phase of their lifecycle, we have a dedicated Global Aftermarket Parts team and a network of independent dealers ensuring the supply of parts with rapid response times, competitive pricing and short lead times.

The portfolio of parts that we are able to supply for STAMFORD and AvK products includes Rectifier Service Kits, Bearings, AVR's etc. however we also have the capability to supply:

  • Main stators for STAMFORD and AvK products
  • Main rotors for STAMFORD and AvK products

These†Aftermarket wound components are:

  • Supplied with a warranty period of 12 months upon receipt of the parts ' ensuring we stand behind the quality of our aftermarket parts.
  • Built to the exact same specification as the original unit was manufactured to ' for each enquiry our engineering team ensure all elements of the original drawings and datasheets are exact replica's to the original build.
  • Designed and built to comply with the requirements of the marine approval agencies and IEC standards. All rotors and stators of marine product comply with marine society class certification requirements for material properties.
  • Manufactured using the same materials and processes as the original complete alternator was built ensuring the†highest quality is continued in our STAMFORD and AvK products.