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STAMFORD alternator still running on Australian farm after 30 years of operation

A recent enquiry to Cummins Generator Technologies led to the discovery of the pictured generator set above featuring a 21 kVA STAMFORD alternator.

This unit was built in Stamford, UK, during February 1985 and sent to Newage Engineers Australia and from the information we have, it was then delivered to its current location where it has been ever since.

This generator set is being used on a 40 acre farm in Australia to run a bore to fill the 5,000 litre tank next to it. The previous owners of the farm then used another pump to push the water uphill to fill the main 22,000 litre header tank. This main tank services most of the property via gravity.

With the alternator still running, the new owner of the property has no plans to replace any part of the generator set. They intend to move the set nearer the main shed and use a solar powered bore system to push the water directly to the main header tank. This is yet another example of why†STAMFORD†alternators are renowned for their robustness and longevity.