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Saving a Romanian town's piece of history

From our headquarters in Craiova, Romania, several Cummins' employees worked hard to rebuild a piece of our city history. It is about Craiova's Botanical Garden project that was made in partnership with the University of Craiova, Technologic Auto High School and our contractors.

Some background: the Botanical Garden occupies a large area in the centre of Craiova, Romania and it was founded in 1952. Right from the beginning its purpose was to contribute as research material in training students, from the newly established Institute of Agronomy Sciences (1948), to broaden the scientific research of the teachers, but also as a location where visitors have the opportunity to see the wide variety of plants from all over the world.

This project is part of a 3-stage process that began last year and will progress further for another year, ending in 2016. Last year we organised two actions to carry out - one in July and another one in October - to have a beautiful and restored Botanical Garden and also meeting the needs of the students of Agronomy and Horticulture Institute.

The main objectives of the two projects were:

  • The promotion of natural assets through the reconstruction of degraded areas and extend the study of plants
  • Increasing resource efficiency through the development of new technologies, environmental and materials and low energy consumption
  • Teaching and education by involving students and for learning about nature and plants, but also for protecting and improving the environment
  • During the entire project, the team managed to clean and landscape the various portions of the Botanical Garden. Some of the fence that had been affected or partially destroyed were repaired and straightened, parts that were missing were replaced with new fencing. Special equipment like brushes, cutters, rakes and forks were used in order to remove branches and dead vegetation.

Our company employees are working hard to improve the communities in which we live, in order to sustain their dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility values, and as a result in this project involved over 240 employees, earning over 960 EEEC hours.

The core team was led by Octavian Vijulie and had the following 6 members: Silviu Cutulescu, Laura†Paun, Razvan Dila, Iulia Popescu, Claudia Voinea, and Carina Timmer. The Leadership Team headed by the General Manager had given his entire support, encouraging the employees to participate in this project.

This project has been a real success benefiting its improved appearance, that was embraced by the citizens of the city, thanks to the Cummins team.