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Quick response helps Fletcher Shipping stay competitive

Where:Peterhead, Scotland Specified:1 x STAMFORD PM7 AC alternator

Purpose:Replacement marine certified generator required immediately due to the failure of a non-STAMFORD machine on board the FS Aquarius.

When offshore supply experts Fletcher Shipping Ltd suffered unexpected downtime with their vessel, they turned to Cummins Generator Technologies and the STAMFORD brand to get sailing again.

Working in one of the world's most challenging marine environments, Fletcher Shipping provides flexible services to the offshore supply sector. Led by a management team with vast experience, Fletcher Shipping focus their service on quick response times to effectively meet the needs of customers.

Their primary ship, the FS Aquarius, is a highly manoeuvrable and technically advanced offshore supply vessel. Specifically designed to support oil and gas exploration and production, the FS Aquarius is consistently on a busy schedule making trips from Scotland to the North Sea every two to three days. The power runs for approximately 550 hours each month; the cargo pumping systems are electrically driven and the main transverse thrusters are too.

So when the FS Aquarius suffered an unanticipated alternator failure, a rapid service response was needed to minimise the unexpected downtime. The lead-time of three weeks quoted for a non-STAMFORD replacement would have side-lined the vessel for a prolonged period, bringing all projects to a costly halt. Concerned about the effect it would have on their business, finding a better solution was a necessity for Fletcher Shipping.

Having experienced such problems before and understandably keen to avoid the situation again, they took the decision to invest in an industry leading STAMFORD alternator, safe in the knowledge that it would provide great value and reliability over the lifetime of the product. A phone call to Cummins Generator Technologies followed.

'Going on word of mouth recommendations we chose STAMFORD in the hope it could deliver for us. We were aware that STAMFORD alternators run for years, but more importantly, the way they†responded to our urgent needs was outstanding.'

Tony Duffield, Technical Director,

Fletcher Shipping Ltd.