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Powerful, Efficient, Dependable: Introducing the STAMFORD® S9 Low Voltage alternator

As a testament to our enduring legacy of innovation and global excellence in power solutions, STAMFORD | AvK proudly present the latest addition to the STAMFORD® S9 alternator range, the STAMFORD® S9 Low Voltage alternator.

The STAMFORD® S9LV alternator emerges as a beacon of engineering excellence, encapsulating over a century of knowledge and pioneering spirit. Designed for the demanding landscapes of modern industries, the S9LV alternator sets new benchmarks in efficiency and compact power, delivering up to 4250 kVA at 50 Hz. Its standout power density reflects our commitment to providing robust power solutions within a reduced footprint, offering unparalleled flexibility in power system design and integration.

Featuring the DM110 Digital AVR as standard, the S9LV alternator exemplifies adaptability and reliability across a spectrum of applications—from Prime and Standby setups to specialised needs in Data Centres and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. This aligns with our ethos of delivering versatile power solutions that cater to a diverse range of industries, underpinned by a world-class service network ensuring expert support is always within reach​​​​.

In line with our tradition of excellence, the S9LV alternator is backed by a class-leading 3-year warranty, reaffirming our commitment to quality and customer assurance. The introduction of the S9LV alternator is more than an advancement—it's a reflection of our pioneering heritage and a step towards empowering the future with innovative power solutions.

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