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New STAMFORD P0/P1, S0/S1, UC22 and UC27 Bearing kit promotion

STAMFORD | AvK and our Authorized Global Parts & Service Dealer Network have partnered together during the month of September to deliver a special bearing kit aftermarket parts promotion on our P0/P1, S0/S1, UC22/27 and BC products lines in our to continue the high levels of reliability that the STAMFORD brand is renowned for around the world.

STAMFORD bearing kit promotion

The Parts Promotion being ran during the month of September is for our STAMFORD P0/P1, S0/S1, UC22/27 and BC product lines, delivery market leading pricing and delivery terms on bearing kits. These bearing kits are genuine parts, that contain the same parts that are fitted within the original alternator, maintaining the same levels of quality, reliability and performance expected from a STAMFORD product.

We know our STAMFORD products are chosen for use in the most important and critical applications because STAMFORD doesn't let you or your customers down. This minimal investment will work to continue extending the uptime of our STAMFORD products beyond expectations.

What benefits will my STAMFORD alternators see from this'

STAMFORD alternators are well known for having market leading reliability, but we always recommend to change the bearings within our alternators at the 30,000 operating hours mark or 5 years. By purchasing and then fitting these parts we want you to continue exceeding and enhancing all of our customers' expectations on the reliability of our alternators.

  1. Maximize the longevity of your alternator
  2. Support your planned maintenance schedule
  3. Minimize the lifecycle costs of ownership
  4. Optimize the performance of your alternator
  5. 12 months warranty on the associated parts.
  6. Genuine OEM products.

Where do I go to purchase this promotion'

STAMFORD | AvK have an Authorized Global Parts & Service Dealer Network. These Dealers are the only authorized and fully trained network of partners to purchase your genuine parts from. Our dealers are trained to give you the best level of knowledge and experience with our products, highest levels of customer service and market leading commercial terms.

Contact your local dealer†to purchase your parts for this promotion.

Can I request someone to fit my STAMFORD alternator with these types of parts'

Yes, is the simple answer. Our Authorized Network of Global Parts & Service Dealers have been trained and certified to provide servicing, maintenance and fitting of all STAMFORD | AvK products, and are able to supply you with the parts within this promotion and then travel to site to fit these parts, or receive the alternator into their workshop to conduct this activity.

(There is an additional charge for the fitting of these parts)