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An insight into the S-Range CoreCooling technology

As announced on September 27th 2016, Cummins Generator Technologies are releasing a new range of alternators within its STAMFORD® portfolio - the S-Range. Planned for delivery in the next 3 years, the new range of alternators from S3-S8 will all have a suite of advanced, patented CoreCooling™ technologies.

The new patented technologies are a multi-physics based platform, targeting performance enhancement through thermal, electromagnetic and mechanical levers. This technology will deliver improved thermal management, increases in airflow efficiency and improved power density, optimising product performances at key genset nodes.

To help combat an increasing global challenge, new S-Range has an extra level of protection to help GOEM's identify counterfeit product. The S4, the first of the new STAMFORD® S-Range featuring CoreCooling™ technology will be available from 2017 in our UK, China, India and European manufacturing facilities and are available to all customers, all markets and all applications.