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The importance of VoC

No one becomes an industry leader without listening to the customer. Customers drive our business, and paying attention to their requirements, is what sets us apart. We use the Voice of the Customer (VoC) technique to conduct market research in order to identify customer needs and wants.

With our new STAMFORD S-range launching into the market, it is important to highlight how we ensure our products align with our Customers' needs. Cummins Generator Technologies has a three-stage process on how to analyse the customers' voices and translate them into tangible features in our alternators.

The first step revolves around approaching our Customers and conducting interviews, mainly focusing on what they currently like about our products, and what features they would like to see as part of the new product development. The voices collected are then used as an input to the 'Value Package Profile' (VPP), where the voices are translated to the 'alternator language'. For example, one voice could be:

'I want to be able to easily access the diodes during service regimes'

This is then translated into 'Serviceability', the alternator needs to be optimised to allow quick and easy access to key components. Another aspect of the VPP, is market research, benchmarking our products against the competitors, and identifying further opportunities to gain market share.

Having created and validated our VPP, the next step involves creating the Technical Profile. Here, the VPP is used as the revolving axis for our engineers to base their design decisions for the new product. Following the 'Serviceability' example, the Technical Profile further translates this term into; 'Optimise the Non Drive-End bracket'.

With our VoC process we ensure that the Customer is the epitome of our new product designs, which justifies our motto: You asked. We listened.