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First webinar titled 'Craiova: Home of AvK alternators' proves successful

On Wednesday 8th July, Cummins Generator Technologies hosted their first webinar as part of the STAMFORD AvK webinar series, which demonstrates an ongoing commitment to share knowledge with its customers.

The first webinar in this series titled, 'Craiova: Home of AvK alternators' was presented by Scott Strudwick, Sales General Manager for the Europe, Middle East & Africa region.

Attendees from all across the globe learnt about the recent investment and expansion of production in the Craiova manufacturing plant located in Romania as part of a strategy that will see Cummins Generator Technologies become more agile and cost competitive in the sub 11,000kVA market.

Scott explained that the Craiova manufacturing plant, a state-of-the-art facility, is an integral element of Cummins' global capabilities for large alternators. The '12 million investment in capacity expansion as well as automation and vigorous testing facilities, has brought all AvK design and manufacturing into this single, world-class alternator production facility.

Craiova manufacturing plant meets the highest standards demanded by Cummins and its customers and it truly is a customer focused organisation.

Cummins Generator Technologies has also recently become the first alternator manufacturer to achieve UL 1004 approval for its medium and high voltage alternators to the benefit of its customers and markets in much of the world. A UL safety certification mark on an AvK alternator enables OEMs to integrate the alternator pre-approved into their generator sets.

Scott elaborated that our rich, proven history of helping our customers across a diverse range of segments has helped us understand the performance requirements that each application and operating environment demands.† Our knowledgeable, experienced applications engineers align individual customers' power needs with the most suitable alternator specification and can match the alternator to a wide range of engine brands and power nodes, ensuring that achieve the optimum performance and efficiency of the specified alternator.
Other topics covered in this webinar were:

  • AvK brand heritage highlighting key milestones since it was established in 1919
  • An overview of the Craiova plant and how it fits within our global presence
  • How we achieved this world-class manufacturing facility
  • The AvK product portfolio
  • Key applications served by AvK alternators
  • Cummins in the community

There will be further webinars as part of the†STAMFORD AvK series and we trust that our customers will use our technical expertise and knowledge to their advantage as we aim to help them compete more successfully from start to finish.

To view the entire webinar yourself, click here.

*To view webinar: Use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers.