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Customs officials trained by STAMFORD AvK to spot counterfeit products

Could you spot a counterfeit alternator from a real one' That's the challenge that STAMFORD|AvK have sought to answer with a new dedicated training session for customs officials in Dubai to put an end to the counterfeit trade and safeguard our customers.

Counterfeiting is a worldwide issue

Counterfeit products continue to be a problem in the global marketplace with an estimated $600bn worth of false trade affecting industries worldwide.

In the power generation business, counterfeit alternators continue to flood the international market which brings about its own issues including impacts on company reputation, financial problems and employee safety.

Unlike the STAMFORD|AvK products which have been heavily tested and have passed rigorous compliance checks in order to comply with standards such as UL, ISO and Bureau Veritas, counterfeit products remain untested and are not designed to work in harsh environments like the Middle-East and North Africa.

However, STAMFORD|AvK's Europe, Middle-East and Asia team has taken another step towards minimising the damage that poorly constructed alternators can have by beginning training with customs officials in Dubai to spot the differences between real and counterfeit products.

Customs officials trained to spot counterfeits

Led by STAMFORD|AvK's Territory Manager for Middle-East and North Africa, Nahi Thebian, and in coordination with Dubai customs authorities and local counselor †were given a detailed analysis of the STAMFORD|AvK brand, worldwide counterfeit activity, countering illegal activity and how to identify counterfeit products.

By looking at a number of different elements behind the manufacture of our products, officials will be able to identify counterfeit alternators through minute detail within individual components, on labelling or by product packaging.

Thebian explained: 'Counterfeit activities mainly happen in the originating country or in the export. The fake alternators enter the country by their legal names but the switch of plates happens later before they dispatch as complete gensets.

'The customs officials were trained to recognise the difference between genuine STAMFORD products and counterfeit products regardless of the labelling. Instead we focused on the design and manufacture elements that keeps our products apart such as the fake and genuine AVR I demonstrated in the session.

'Our next action will be with the concerned local authorities in coordination with our counsel.'

Preventing counterfeit products

STAMFORD|AvK has been at the forefront of challenging counterfeit manufacturers as the company has been the target of many fake producers who have tried to benefit from our reputation and high standards.

We have implemented a number of new techniques to counteract these copycats with extensive patenting of new technologies (such as the CoreCoolingTM †air flow system), applying unique high security 3D holograms to our alternators and actively pursuing counterfeiters in transit and at trade shows with the power to shut them down. Customers can easily check the hologram serial numbers in our website to validate authenticity

Choose genuine STAMFORD

The dangers of using a counterfeit product are ever-present as poor design can lead to mechanical faults, breakage, defects and loose wiring which all pose a hazard to you and your staff.

At STAMFORD|AvK we want to avoid you experiencing any problems due to poor manufacture and help you to optimize your success. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our alternators and accessories ensuring your level of performance for the long term. Given the choice, you should always choose genuine.