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Cummins Generator Technologies meet technical standards for marine certification

Alternators used in many marine applications require certification in accordance with a marine classification society. A marine classification society creates and maintains technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore structures. Ship classification verifies the structural strength and integrity of essential parts of the ship's hull and appendages, also the reliability and function of the power generation and other auxiliary equipment that have been built into the ship to maintain essential services on board. This provides ship builders and owners with the confidence that their vessels are designed and built to a high standard with regards to safety and reliability. The classification societies' are non-governmental organisations. It is the responsibility of the society to set technical rules and confirm that the designs and calculations meet them.

Cummins Generator Technologies have the capability to provide alternators in compliance with many marine societies' as shown below:

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) was formed in formed in 1968, enabling collaboration between Classification Societies. This created a combined level of technical knowledge and experience between 12 major classification Societies. The formation of IACS has resulted in a common ruleset with the marine industry.

Cummins Generator Technologies have Test Cell facilities in all of our manufacturing plants to carry out marine type test approval testing which can also be witnessed if required.

A typical marine survey comprises of the following:

  • Traceability of materials used.
  • Verification of technical data in accordance with the specification.
  • Confirmation of maintenance and calibration of test equipment.
  • Verification of asbestos-free declaration.
  • Review of supporting documentation.
  • Full alternator performance testing including; insulation resistance, winding resistance, voltage regulation, voltage transient, open/short circuit characteristics, excitation current, temperature rise, overload capacity, short circuit capacity and overspeed capability.

Cummins Generator Technologies have type approval for certain marine societies which avoids the need for marine inspectors to inspect every marine alternator that we manufacture. This helps reduce lead time and inspection charges.