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Cummins Generator Technologies announces new range of STAMFORD alternators to be previewed at Middle East Electricity

Cummins Generator Technologies, a leading global manufacturer of alternators, is revealing a new range of STAMFORD alternators targeted at the 7.5 to 62.5 kVA power range. The launch, at Middle East Electricity 2016, will allow Cummins Generator Technologies to bring to market the most compact and lightweight industrial alternators of its kind, primarily aimed at the global standby market.

The new STAMFORD S0 and S1 alternators, which have been designed for enhanced usability, draws on the company's 100 years' of experience of developing and manufacturing high performance and efficient power generation technology. The new cost effective range delivers proven reliability of over 20,000 hours.

Cummins Generator Technologies has worked in partnership with customers to develop the new user-friendly products, which have been designed to enable easier coupling, reducing generator-set assembly time by around 20%.

Scott Strudwick, Director ' Global Sales and Marketing, at Cummins Generator Technologies said: 'We recognise that reliability is a priority for the standby market, alongside the delivery of a product which is both compact and lightweight. We have therefore worked with our customers to develop a technological solution that will support their long-term business growth. Our rigorous research and development process has enabled us to deliver a product range which is durable, reliable and easy to assemble.'

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