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Cummins Generator Technologies announces grid code ready alternator range available to order

Published On: November 9, 2018

Cummins Generator Technologies today announced the availability of their range of 'Grid Code Ready STAMFORD and AvK alternators. Customers will benefit from exclusive access to a certification modelling tool, which can be used with any prime mover when used in conjunction with real-time practical data.

The new Grid Code Ready line of alternators builds on the proven technology of the STAMFORD and AvK ranges and has been engineered to meet global Grid Code regulations ahead of the German certification deadline and ENTSO-e certification implementation.

Ranging between 4-10,000kVA, the Grid Code Ready alternators are designed to assist generator set manufacturers meet the impending global Grid Code legislation roll out starting in Germany on 1st January 2015, before progressing to the rest of Europe and beyond.

Cummins Generator Technologies will guide customers to compliance with dedicated customer support teams specialising in Grid Code technologies. Customers will have exclusive access to the certification modelling tool to assist with compliance to the legislation.

For more information on Grid Code Ready alternators as well as downloadable content, visit