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Counterfeit STAMFORD alternators destroyed following seizure by Customs Officers

Customs Officers at the Port of Eilat in Israel have seized 10 generating sets originating from United Arab Emirates and bound for Palestine. The generating sets all contained fake STAMFORD alternators which were decoupled from the sets and destroyed.

The illegal trade of fake alternators has been growing in recent years and affects all major alternator manufacturers. Cummins Generator Technologies takes a zero tolerance approach to counterfeiting of any kind and tracks down illegal counterfeiters.

The 10 fake STAMFORD HC5 alternators were discovered by Customs Officers who have been trained by Cummins to screen shipments passing through the seaport for possible counterfeits. Originating from Future Power International in Sharjah, the alternators looked similar to genuine STAMFORD alternators on the outside, but in reality fake STAMFORD alternators have sub-standard built quality, come with no warranty and can potentially cause irreparable damage to the generator engine.

Authentic Cummins STAMFORD alternators are manufactured using premium materials, under controlled processes and by highly trained workforces. In addition, they undergo the most rigorous alternator testing in the industry. Time and again fake alternators fail to perform, leaving unsuspecting customers out of pocket and often without recourse.

For more information of Cummins Generator Technologies anti-counterfeiting efforts or to ensure authenticity of STAMFORD alternators, visit: To report incidents of counterfeit or suspicious products, please email: