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Charity boat takes to water

Cummins Generator Technologies in the UK gave the name 'Inspiration' to the new boat it sponsored for Rutland Sailability, one of its chosen charities. The Charities Committee has been supporting Rutland Sailability, a sailing club for the disabled, for a number of years, and after discussions with how best to support future needs, decided that sponsoring a boat would be the best way of further adding value.

Rutland Sailability is based at Rutland Water, one of the largest artificial lakes in Europe with a surface area in excess of 10 km2, where it provides sailing opportunities for people with disabilities. It has been operating as a charity for over 15 years, totally reliant on volunteers prepared to give their time and knowledge. Rutland Sailability provides training, support and equipment to enable their members to enjoy the challenge of sailing in a safe, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Members are welcome from all walks of life with any level of disability, and the club enjoys a strong social side.

The name 'Inspiration' was chosen through a competition for Cummins employees, the joint winners being Anita Fountain and James Tindale.