Celebrating Women in Engineering at STAMFORD | AvK

Published On: June 21, 2024

Women are making significant strides in the engineering industry, bringing innovation, diversity, and a wealth of knowledge. At STAMFORD | AvK, the contributions of women engineers are celebrated, and their stories of dedication and passion are shared to inspire future generations.

Let's hear more from our colleagues as part of STAMFORD | AvK Women in Engineering initiatives.

Sarah Nicholls – Product Lifecycle Engineering Director

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I enjoy problem solving, using proven processes, knowledge for our products and customers every day.”

Sarah values the dynamic nature of her role where each day brings new challenges and opportunities, allowing her to apply her expertise to deliver solutions that meet customers power needs.

What’s your advice for future female engineers? 

“Go for it, you will work with a diverse team and have the opportunity to enjoy many aspects of Engineering. Every day is different either with the problem you are solving or the products we are developing. Using our knowledge, experience and drive to give our customers solutions to their power needs.”

Sarah encourages young women to pursue Engineering, highlighting the diversity of teams and the variety of experiences available in the field. She believes that a career in engineering offers the chance to work on different problems and products, providing a rich and rewarding professional life.

What would you like to change for women in Engineering in future?

“I think the world has come a long way for women in Engineering careers. I would like to see more girls entering STEM subjects and taking them forward. To support this I really enjoy the annual opportunity to support local schools with EEEC hours to drive the passion for Engineering.”

Sarah envisions a future with more girls pursuing STEM subjects and building careers in engineering.

Dawn Whiting – Chief Engineer DBU

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I love that there are so many technical challenges within our industry that I’m still learning every day! Technology changes towards sustainability and green energy are driving us to solve problems in new innovative ways. I work with so many experts in their fields and developing our technical talent to support new and emerging technologies is really rewarding. It’s an exciting time to be an Engineer!”

Dawn on learning new things every day and working with experts in various fields. Developing technical talent and supporting new and emerging technologies makes her role exciting and rewarding.

What would you like to change or see more of, for women in Engineering in future?

“More investment in time and support for STEM promoting in Schools and at earlier ages. We need to bust some myths about Engineering and showcase the diverse and exciting roles available this is especially important in inspiring young girls.”

Dawn believes that showcasing the diverse and exciting roles within engineering can significantly boost interest and participation among girls.

Sarah Hollobon - Service Project Leader

What led you to a career in Engineering?

"My path to engineering started as a Project Leader. Despite not having an engineering background, I was fascinated by learning about the products, their manufacturing processes, and the people behind them. This curiosity and desire to learn drove me to pursue a career in engineering."

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“Not having an engineering background, I found it really interesting learning about the products, how they are made and people and processes behind them.”

Sarah enjoys the precision and creativity involved in engineering, making her role both interesting and fulfilling.

Violet Sandom - Project Leader

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“Since I do not have a Technical background, I find it really interesting to hear the Engineers in my team discussing creative solutions to product developments. It always amazes me how incredibly precise measurements must be to achieve the best outcome.”

Violet enjoys the level of detail and innovation that goes into product development, which makes her job exciting and engaging.

Lucy Sheppard - Project Leader

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“No two days are the same, I thought I knew the product well from my previous role but this role has opened my eyes to how much work is involved in our product, the team are so knowledgeable and really helpful.”

The stories of these remarkable women at STAMFORD | AvK highlight the diverse paths one can take in engineering and the rewarding nature of the profession. Their experiences and insights are invaluable for inspiring the next generation of female engineers. By promoting STEM education and breaking down barriers, we can look forward to a future where women play an even greater role in shaping the world through engineering.

Join the celebration of Women in Engineering and be part of the change!


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