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AvK alternators power mobile drilling rigs in the rocky mountains

Where:Rocky Mountain region of the United States

Specified:Cummins QSK50 Drilling Power Modules with AvKDSG 86 alternators

Purpose:Mobile oil and gas drilling rigs

The Rocky Mountain region of the United States has an abundance of natural resources, such as oil and natural gas. The extraction of these energy sources requires mobile drilling platforms that can provide electricity beyond the reach of utility power. SST Energy Corporation is a leading contract drilling service provider in this region which designs, engineers and manufactures its own mobile drilling platforms at its 17 acre facility in Casper, Wyoming.

Each SST Energy drilling rig requires a minimum of three Drilling Power Modules (DPM), diesel powered generating sets that can each supply 1400 HP or 1104 KWm. These DPMs provide power for the entire site, including lighting, drilling equipment and control systems while operating up to 7,500 hours a year per engine.

SST Energy began using Cummins KTA50 generating set power in 2005 and have since become the first Cummins customer in the region to adopt the QSK50 engine and the AvK DSG 86 alternator. 'We like to have state-of-the-art equipment and are willing to try new technology as long as Cummins can support the product. That has been the case so far,' affirms SST Energy Corporation's Operations Engineer, Michael Pollard.

Dependable and reliable products backed by the full force of Cummins were the principal attractions for SST Energy. The DPMs are built by Cummins Oil and Gas Center of Excellence in Houston, Texas with the entire package backed by a one year/unlimited hour Cummins warranty. They are supported by Cummins Rocky Mountain service and engineering, which has delivered on its promise of being on the rig within 24 hours of a service call.

SST Energy recognised the AvK alternator's ability to meet the rigorous demands of oil and gas applications. Besides their standard characteristics - such as Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, regreasable anti-friction bearings and IP23 enclosure protection 'AvK alternators for drilling applications are supplied with a fully-taped medium voltage insulation system and dust and water spray inlet filtration.

Cummins has impressed SST Energy with its design flexibility and engineering support. Fuel usage and emissions are lower, serviceability is improved and 'the low noise and vibration associated with the QSK50 technology is impressive,' SST Energy's Michael Pollard commented. Rugged 'oil-field' technology, backed by the Cummins Rocky Mountain capability to provide service of both the engine and generator at regular maintenance intervals, are all reasons why SST Energy Corporation puts its trust in Cummins.