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Alternator technical training

At Cummins Generator Technologies, we manufacture the world's broadest range of AC generators from 0.6 to 20,000 kVA. Internationally renowned for built-in quality, our AC generators set the standard for ruggedness, reliability and versatility.

For nearly a century, our experience and knowledge gathered from a large and diverse number of applications of synchronous generator installations help our customers operate with greater efficiency, making it possible for them to compete more successfully throughout the world.

To best support our customers, we strive to develop and maintain the highest level of service capability possible. Continuous education, available through cutting-edge instruction, helps to make this possible.

Cummins Generator Technologies' Technical Training Team offers the following classroom courses in addition to tailored customer training sessions:

  • 6241 Fundamentals of AC Generators
  • 6268 Bearings 1: Re-greasable Antifriction Bearings
  • 6313 Bearings 2
  • 6273 Sleeve Bearings
  • 6311 Stamford AVR 6308 - Basler AVR
  • 6282 ABB Unitrol AVR
  • 6312 AVR Paralleling Theory

Service Training Catalogue

Please contact Cigil Tisdale ( or Kevin Collins ( for your questions and queries.