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Aftermarket Parts Promotion - Discounted prices for a limited time

We are offering discounted prices on aftermarket parts over the duration of the annual POWER-GEN International†exhibition, which will be held from the 8th-10th December 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, USA.

Scheduled services and repairs are vital to the reliable operation of your alternator and the safety of those who come into contact with it. And so it is on this basis that we have introduced a new product offering, STAMFORD service kits, also known as preventative maintenance kits, which are for the 5 years / 30,000 hours, factory recommended, scheduled service of alternators. There are significant short and long term benefits of servicing your alternators following the factory recommendations with original STAMFORD and AvK parts. It is our hope that you will take advantage of these new service kits to help meet your requirements and those of your customers.

There has been a growing concern in the number of counterfeit STAMFORD parts which are available and being sold in the marketplace and we want you to all be aware of the negative consequences that could arise while using non-original copy and counterfeit parts on your alternators. You have made a significant investment in buying a premium quality alternator and so the best fit, original parts should be your first and only choice. This is your opportunity to buy genuine STAMFORD†parts in volume at a lower price and avoid the temptation of buying cheaper will fit parts that could bring much more expensive repairs and damage later on.

Protect your brand reputation as well as your investment and purchase original parts at discounted prices.

Click here to download an order form to see which parts are on offer and should you wish to enquire about the special POWER-GEN International prices then please send the completed form to

Please note that this promotion is open to all customers who for whatever reason won't be able to attend the exhibition in person. Customers can contact the relevant contacts below and discuss their individual requirements.

For more information on the parts or prices please feel free to contact either of the following:

Antonio Romera
Tel. +1 763 574 3398 

Dan Wise
Tel. +1 763 574 3736