STAMFORD<sup>®</sup> S7 HV provides grid power for biogas plant generation electricity in ShenZhen City, China

Published On: April 28, 2020

Established in 2006, Shenzhen Dongjiang Environmental Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. operates municipal solid waste projects including landfill gas power generation, municipal landfill, sewage treatment, sludge treatment and kitchen waste treatment, with an installed capacity of 10 MW and an annual power generation of 50 million kWh.

With a working partnership since 2011 and already using an AvK® DIG120 within the genset, Shenzhen Dongjiang Environmental Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. felt confident to choose STAMFORD | AvK to provide an alternator to suit their requirements.

The requirements to suit were for an alternator giving a total output of 10.5kV/1000kW working at an ambient temperature at below 40°C. STAMFORD® S7HV alternator was able to easily accomplish this.

The STAMFORD® S7HV winding features and options for bearing RTD’s also ensured the alternator fitted the customers specifications, to operate 7,500-8,000 hours per year.

STAMFORD I AvK also designed a special coupling for the alternator allowing this bespoke product to accommodate the existing AvK® DIG120 in the genset.

"Specially designed coupling kit enabled ease of coupling to an existing AvK® alternator." -Yayao Liang, Operation Supervisor, Shenzhen Dongjiang Environmental Renewable Energy.

Throughout the whole customer journey, STAMFORD I AvK Service and Technical Support teams played an important part in ensuring that the STAMFORD® S7HV was the right choice for Shenzhen Dongjiang Environmental Renewable Energy Co. Ltd’s project.