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Segment Applications and Compliance

As Cummins Generator Technnologies markets and customers develop, new opportunities emerge to challenge the products and services offered today.  A key element of Customer Engineering is to focus on the future and determine how change across markets will lead to new requirements for products and services. 

The Segment Applications and Compliance team is well positioned to take up this challenge by applying knowledge and expertise in:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Compliance
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Codes and Standards Management  

Through segmantation, the team clearly defines the markets served by our customers in power generation and applies this to benchmark the capabilities of our products, identify gaps, and drive needed changes to exceed our customers' expectations.  The Segment Applications and Compliance team is also responsible for delivering deep technical insight into the global markets, segmented by sectors of Mining, Oil & Gas, Marine, Telecoms, Standby, Grid and Embedded products. This is seamlessly integrated with Product Complicance activity, ensuring that products comply with requirements now, and delivering a future state of compliance requirements, to ensure that segement direction, change, and scope is supported with developing products, via feedback to Cummins Generator Technologie's Product Developement road map.  The team's focus is on the ever changing world of codes, standards and regulations, assuring customers that their products will meet or exceed critical compliance requirements at all times.