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Changing the fields: An electromagnetic design perspective

Electromagnetic design is right at the core of the product design stage in alternators and can mean the difference between releasing a good product and a great product. The expertise we have at Cummins Generator...Learn More

Three Year Warranty Across the STAMFORD S-Range

Through its world renowned STAMFORD® and AvK® brands, Cummins Generator Technologies has built a reputation for supplying reliable and durable products into diverse power generation applications...Learn More

Mechanical considerations in alternator design

Mechanical Engineering is a diverse function which ranges across all aspects of engineering such as design, manufacture, validation, failure investigation etc. It is applied to almost everything, from the smallest...Learn More

New Products in the STAMFORD S-Range Revealed
  • New patented CoreCooling™ technology
  • Rapid new product launch programme unveiled
  • 3 Year Warranty as Standard

A global product development...Learn More

Accelerated life testing

In the quest for developing products that interact effectively to the design intent, with other components, sub systems and systems, delivering reliability and durability, we go to great lengths to assess product...Learn More

Celebrating 20 years in China

November 11th, 2016, Cummins Generator Technologies, celebrated their 20 year anniversary of manufacturing in China. Marking this occasion, senior team leaders, Stephen Hopkins – General Manager, Neil Hill...Learn More


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