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AvK alternators power Chinese surveillance vessel


Under international laws, the territorial waters around China operate under the Chinese Mare Clausum or 'Closed Sea' dictate, which means that the waters are not accessible to other...Learn More

On video: Introducing Craiova - A centre of excellence for large alternators

A wholly-owned Cummins facility, the Craiova plant has been manufacturing rugged and reliable AvK® alternators since 2000. Recent capital investment ensures our customers benefit from...Learn More

STAMFORD alternators specified to power US Coast Guard vessel

Bollinger Shipyards needed to deliver a fast response cutter (FRC) Heriberto Hernandez to the U.S. Coast Guard. To power the vessel, Bollinger turned to Cummins Mid-South, who utilised STAMFORD...Learn More

Cummins Generator Technologies meet technical standards for marine certification

Alternators used in many marine applications require certification in accordance with a marine classification society.  A marine classification society creates and maintains technical standards for the construction...Learn More

Super-mine opts for STAMFORD P7 alternators

Nickel-Cobalt mining and processing plant, Madagascar

30 x STAMFORD® P7 alternators for use in 1,250 kVA generator...Learn More

On video: Cummins engineer discusses landmark AvK UL certification

Following the news that Cummins Generator Technologies recently became the world’s first manufacturer to ...Learn More


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