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‘Alternators for Prime Power Applications’ is a new brochure from Cummins Generator Technologies, detailing how STAMFORD | AvK alternators are designed to provide superior efficiencies in a variety of prime power installations. Whether for base load supply power, island mode operation, grid code compliance, combined heat and power or peak shaving on-site power generation, we have an alternator which fits your needs.

We understand the challenging demands placed on generator sets in prime power applications - especially when it comes to efficiency and durability. As an industry leader in advanced alternator design, we have a proven track record of delivering dependable products. The quality of every STAMFORD and AvK alternator is based on thousands of hours of product development and endurance testing.

In this brochure, you will learn about many real-world examples of how STAMFORD | AvK alternators have delivered reliable power in a demanding environment, time after time.

Prime Power Brochure (English)

Prime Power Brochure (Chinese)

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