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The POWER-GEN International conference is one of the highest attended power generation conferences in the world each year. This year’s exhibition was hosted in Las Vegas and was attended by over 22,000 industry professionals.

Cummins Generator Technologies had a prime location in the exhibitor hall to showcase a sampling of their products. This year’s booth featured the STAMFORD P6 1,250kVA alternator which is the newest addition to the STAMFORD product range, the STAMFORD UC27 and the AvK DIG 142 alternator.

In addition to the products, visitors to the booth learned the latest news that the entire range of AvK alternators have achieved compliance to CSA standards. This certification, together with the recent announcement that Cummins Generator Technologies is the world’s first alternator manufacturer to achieve UL approval for low, medium and high voltage alternators, means customers can solidify a sourcing strategy with an alternator manufacturer who can provide CSA and UL certification across their brands and power ranges.

Our North American Territory Managers and Application Engineering Specialists were available to assist visitors in specifying the right alternator to match their power requirements.

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