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Pushing the boundaries with versatile alternator, the DIG130.

The AvK brand is being pushed to new boundaries with the DIG130 as we prepare to reveal the powerful alternator in America for the first time at the POWER-GEN trade show (Las Vegas, 5-7th Dec).

New prime power alternator brochure now available

‘Alternators for Prime Power Applications’ is a new brochure from Cummins Generator Technologies, detailing how STAMFORD | AvK alternators are designed to provide superior efficien

Massive investment boosts STAMFORD P80 range

A new purpose built, world-class production facility dedicated to production of the STAMFORD® P80 alternator range has been opened at the Barnack Road home of STAMFORD

Customised AvK alternator design powers Australian LNG development

Where:Barrow Island, Western Australia

Enhanced efficiency option for reciprocating power plants

With natural resources becoming scarcer and scarcer and ever increasing environmental demands by governments, efficiency in reciprocating power plants is becoming a key issue for our customers.

Fault ride through effects on alternators connected to the grid

A significant shift in environmental policies and energy deregulation in the last decade has led to the growth of renewable energy sources. Led by the development of wind farms throughout Europe, c