AvK Alternators are designed and manufactured in accordance to IEC 60034 -7 for mounting and construction options 

Standard IEC 60034-7 refers to the two codes for mounting and construction design for rotating electrical machines:

  •     Code I Alpha Numeric class of construction. example: IMB3 - double bearing feet down option     
  •    Code II All Numeric class of construction, which covers a wider range than Code I. example: IMB 1001 - double bearing feet down option (IMB3)

Options available to order

Double bearing 
- IM B3
- IM B20
- IM B35
- IM B25
- IM B34
- IM B24
Single bearing
- B5/B16
- B2/B14
- B14/B16
- B2/B5
- B16
- B2

Consult  Applications Engineering Applications@cummins.com for options available