Cummins Generator Technologies’ STAMFORD and AvK alternators are designed, engineered and built to withstand the harshest, most extreme operating conditions in the world, whether they’re working on rigs down to -20°C in Siberia or in Saudi Arabia where temperatures can reach as high as +54°C.
You’ll find our alternators equally at home in dusty desert conditions or on offshore platforms where we provide total environmental protection, delivering the reliability and durability demanded by operators. Whatever the conditions, wherever you are, we’ll provide you with power.

50Hz kVA: 3-19
60Hz kW: 2-19
50Hz kVA: 7-20
60Hz kW: 4-20
50Hz kVA: 8-47
60Hz kW: 6-48
50Hz kVA: 10-50
60Hz kW: 7-46
50Hz kVA: 26-85
60Hz kW: 35-83
50Hz kVA: 81-250
60Hz kW: 75-250
50Hz kVA: 200-610
60Hz kW: 182-610
50Hz kVA: 215-400
60Hz kW: 204-400
50Hz kVA: 210-430
60Hz kW: 245-535
50Hz kVA: 435-1390
60Hz kW: 348-1112
50Hz kVA: 390-675
60Hz kW: 370-674
50Hz kVA: 490-1230
60Hz kW: 456-1270
50Hz kVA: 600-2000
60Hz kW: 552-1920
50Hz kVA: 670-2990
60Hz kW: 585-2726
50Hz kVA: 650-1100
60Hz kW: 624-1320
50Hz kVA: 800-2500
60Hz kW: 696-2356
50Hz kVA: 750-1080
60Hz kW: 720-1040
50Hz kVA: 1220-4700
60Hz kW: 1136-4240
50Hz kVA: 1150-2050
60Hz kW: 1200-2080
50Hz kVA: 1350-3850
60Hz kW: 1280-3200
50Hz kVA: 2080-5000
60Hz kW: 1920-4752
50Hz kVA: 3450-9400
60Hz kW: 2152-8160
50Hz kVA: 2200-4600
60Hz kW: 2400-4240
50Hz kVA: 2800-7400
60Hz kW: 2520-6800
50Hz kVA: 3760-5800
60Hz kW: 3320-5360
50Hz kVA: 4500-7000
60Hz kW: 3360-6800
50Hz kVA: N/A
60Hz kW: 3360-5280


Title Description Type
IGSA Case Study Case History
STAMFORD alternators help PSM hit the mark with Gazprom

A Russian generator set supplier keen to increase its business with oil and gas clients has scored a success with Gazprom after specifying STAMFORD alternators for its standby application units.

Case History
SST Energy Corporation

The Rocky Mountain region of the United States has an abundance of natural resources, such as oil and natural gas. The extraction of these energy sources requires mobile drilling platforms that can provide electricity beyond the reach of utility power.

Case History
Onshore Oil & Gas Stationary Rig

The 16 AvK alternators, which were especially produced to fit the challenging requirements for the Russian market, operate at a stationary rig at temperatures reaching -20°C. Not only the rig, but the AvK generators as well as the 16 cylinder Cummins engines were developed down to the finest detail, to be able to endure the harsh Russian climate.

Case History
Alternators for Oil and Gas Applications

Alternators from the STAMFORD and AvK product ranges for the oil and gas sector.

Customised AvK® generator design powers Australian LNG development

A massive project is underway off the coast of Western Australia, building one of the world's largest natural gas projects. There is no grid supply to Barrow Island so the generating sets need to operate in island mode. And as well as working efficiently in the hot, dry climate, they must also be environmentally friendly as Barrow Island is a Class A Nature Reserve.

Case History