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When products are ultimately delivered and integrated, the Applications Validation Team take on the extensive role of ensuring that sizing, matching, compliance and tailoring processes have resulted the delivery of a world class product, fitted seamlessly to the application and user needs. This is achieved through the implementation of Cummins Generator Technologies' Installation Quality Assurance program (IQA). Multi-skilled specialists work with customers, cross functional teams, and end users to develop, plan,  and complete assessment of product integration and performance, through multiple layers of assessment to ensure that the product meets and/or surpasses all of form, fit, function, and fulfilment.

The Applications Validation Team continue to support the Customer Engineering team by delivering the critical final proccess of product application solution. The team has full responsibility to validate the nominated product in the application to ensure performance against specification. A service and support capability unique to STAMFORD and AvK branded products, the Application Validation team is a strong multi-disciplinan team of specialists supporting Cummins Generator Technologies and customers globally in the developrnent of design, application assessment and problem solving using a variety of data acquisition systems and analysis tools including; Full ODS (Operating Deflection Shape), modal anahysis and speed sweeps on full generator set designs Torsional vibration measurements using non- contact lasers or torque measurements using strain gauging and rotor telemetry systems. Strain gauge installation and data acquisition static and dynamic components. Power system data acquisition and analysis using the latest high speed technology. Multi-channel thermal data acquisition systems that are modular, robust, and flexible to cope with the harshest of environments.  Condition monitoring on short, medium, or long term monitoring programs. Remote data acquisition. This in-house expertise and knowledge enables a quick response to customer needs and requirements thus helping customers to test, evaluate, and deliver superior products.