STAMFORD|AvK Marine Applications

Technology leaders in synchronous alternator design and manufacture, Cummins Generator Technologies has a proven track record of delivering dependable power solutions for the marine market with STAMFORD and AvK alternators.
Whether newbuild or repower, Cummins Generator Technologies can provide the optimum solution to meet your marine requirements. All STAMFORD and AvK alternators meet the classification requirements of all major marine societies.

50Hz kVA: 8-47
60Hz kW: 6-48
50Hz kVA: 10-50
60Hz kW: 7-46
50Hz kVA: 26-85
60Hz kW: 35-83
50Hz kVA: 81-250
60Hz kW: 75-250
50Hz kVA: 200-610
60Hz kW: 182-610
50Hz kVA: 215-400
60Hz kW: 204-400
50Hz kVA: 210-430
60Hz kW: 245-535
50Hz kVA: 435-1390
60Hz kW: 348-1112
50Hz kVA: 390-675
60Hz kW: 370-674
50Hz kVA: 490-1230
60Hz kW: 456-1270
50Hz kVA: 600-2000
60Hz kW: 552-1920
50Hz kVA: 670-2990
60Hz kW: 585-2726
50Hz kVA: 650-1100
60Hz kW: 624-1320
50Hz kVA: 800-2500
60Hz kW: 696-2356
50Hz kVA: 1220-4700
60Hz kW: 1136-4240
50Hz kVA: 2080-5000
60Hz kW: 1920-4752
50Hz kVA: 2200-4600
60Hz kW: 2400-4240
50Hz kVA: 2800-7400
60Hz kW: 2520-6800
50Hz kVA: N/A
60Hz kW: 3360-5280
50Hz kVA: 4500-7000
60Hz kW: 3360-6800


Title Description Type
Diving Support Vessel 'Seven Atlantic'

Seven Atlantic, the diving support vessel, was designed by IHC Merwede Offshore & Marine in collaboration with its owner Subsea 7 and the maritime engineering company Bakker Sliedrecht. Its power is generated by 6 x AvK DIG 156 synchronous generators from Cummins Generator Technologies, specified by Bakker Sliedrecht.

Case History
Offshore Oil & Gas Vessel, FS Aquarius Case History
AvK® alternators provide power in VARD's hybrid marine system

A downloadable case history from Cummins Generator Technologies describes a hybrid power solution for an oil & gas support vessel built by a Norwegian customer.

Case History
Large Marine Generators

The AvK DSG 125 and DSG 144 are amongst the most powerful platforms in the market and are designed to be coupled to medium speed engines of all major suppliers. Whether it is a newbuild or a repower, you can expect superior power generation capability and a lifespan to match.

Alternators for Marine Applications

Learn how we can support your marine application power requirement from system design through to commisioning.