Cummins Generator Technologies can meet a range of requirements that allow continuous power supply utilising an array of alternators suitable for many prime power applications. The suitability of STAMFORD and AvK products for continuous operation is proven, time after time.
For standard base load power supply, the STAMFORD and AvK ranges offer low, medium and high voltage alternators up to multi-megawatt capabilities which are manufactured to successfully serve base load applications in a comprehensive range of environments.

50Hz kVA: 3-19
60Hz kW: 2-19
50Hz kVA: 7-20
60Hz kW: 4-20
50Hz kVA: 8-47
60Hz kW: 6-48
50Hz kVA: 10-50
60Hz kW: 7-46
50Hz kVA: 26-85
60Hz kW: 35-83
50Hz kVA: 81-250
60Hz kW: 75-250
50Hz kVA: 200-610
60Hz kW: 182-610
50Hz kVA: 215-400
60Hz kW: 204-400
50Hz kVA: 210-430
60Hz kW: 245-535
50Hz kVA: 435-1390
60Hz kW: 348-1112
50Hz kVA: 390-675
60Hz kW: 370-674
50Hz kVA: 490-1230
60Hz kW: 456-1270
50Hz kVA: 670-2990
60Hz kW: 585-2726
50Hz kVA: 800-2500
60Hz kW: 696-2356
50Hz kVA: 750-1080
60Hz kW: 720-1040
50Hz kVA: 1220-4700
60Hz kW: 1136-4240
50Hz kVA: 1150-2050
60Hz kW: 1200-2080
50Hz kVA: 1350-3850
60Hz kW: 1280-3200
50Hz kVA: 2168-3875
60Hz kW: 1920-3800
50Hz kVA: 2080-5000
60Hz kW: 1920-4752
50Hz kVA: 2265-3911
60Hz kW: 2080-3571
50Hz kVA: 3450-9400
60Hz kW: 2152-8160
50Hz kVA: 2200-4600
60Hz kW: 2400-4240
50Hz kVA: 2650-4264
60Hz kW: 2520-4152
50Hz kVA: 2800-7400
60Hz kW: 2520-6800
50Hz kVA: 3760-5800
60Hz kW: 3320-5360


Title Description Type
Benefits and challenges of a grid coupled wound rotor synchronous generator in a wind turbine application

Wind turbine size and technologies have been developed rapidly over the last decade. Until 2000, most wind turbines were based on cage induction generators that are directly connected to the grid.

White Paper
Critical parameters of a synchronous alternator for a grid code compliant generating set

To minimise the impact of the unstable grids on the consumer, transmission and distribution system operators worldwide are coming up regulations - Grid Codes that specify performance expectations on power plants.

White Paper
Fault Ride Through Effects on Alternators Connected to the Grid

Led by the development of wind farms throughout Europe, changes to Grid Codes have been implemented requiring embedded generation schemes to stay connected during the presence of system faults (Fault Ride Through requirements).

White Paper
International Grid Codes with STAMFORD | AvK

New regulations are being introduced across the globe to ensure supply security and continuity as generation moves from a centralised model to a distributed one. Cummins Generator Technologies is leading the way in enabling power generation companies to comply with these regulations.

Grid Code Ready™ Alternators

As the industry's technology leader, we have invested several years researching and also developing Grid Code solutions, committing substantial resources to ensure our customers can supply Grid Code compliant alternator sets.

Grid Code Legislation

Cummins Generator Technologies has taken the lead to support legislative requirements. Since the 1st January 2013 there has been a requirement for compulsory compliance to grid codes in Germany, with the rest of Europe expected to follow suit.