STAMFORD|AvK Auxiliary Power Units Applications

Cummins Generator Technologies' MARKON range are engineered for Auxiliary Power Units in refrigeration vehicles and RVs.

Alternators Designed For Auxiliary Power Unit

P0 2-Pole

50Hz kVA: 8 - 20
60Hz kW: 4 - 21

P1 2-Pole

50Hz kVA: 11 - 50
60Hz kW: 8 - 47

P0 4-Pole

50Hz kVA: 3 - 19
60Hz kW: 3 - 19

P1 4-Pole

50Hz kVA: 9 - 47
60Hz kW: 7 - 48



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MARKON Product Guide

MARKON generators from Cummins Generator Technologies are renowned for their versatility, whilst retaining robustness and reliability. The range extends from 2.7 to 9.3kVA in brushless, capacitor excited and slip ring, AVR controlled designs. A variety of adaptors are available to ease coupling with petrol or diesel engines.

Cost Savings with MARKON Generators

There are considerable fuel and cost savings to be made with MARKON generators in APU applications.